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Chapter 14- Race and Ethnicity

Chapter 14- Race and Ethnicity - Chapter 14 Race and...

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Chapter 14 - Race and Ethnicity social group : 2 or more ppl who identify and interact with one another THE SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF RACE AND ETHNICITY race : a category composed of ppl who share biologically transmitted traits that members of society deem socially significant Racial Typology - relatively light skin with fine hair- Caucasian - darker skin with coarser, curlier hair- Negroid - yellow or brown skin, distinctive folds on eyelids- Mongoloid ethnicity : a shared cultural heritage -18% of Canada’s population claim languages other than French and English as their mother tongues - race and ethnicity are different because race is biological and ethnicity is cultural, and ethnicity can be changed by adopting diff. ways of life -the term minority has expanded to include not only ppl of diff. races and ethnicities but also ppl with physical disabilities and women Minorities have two major characteristics: 1) they share a distinctive identity - race is highly visible 2) Subordination - minorities in Can. may have lower incomes and less occupational
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