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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1- Sexuality in Perspective Sex and...

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Chapter 1- Sexuality in Perspective Sex and Gender Sex can refer to being male or female Sex can refer to sexual behaviour Sex refers to sexual anatomy and sexual behaviour Gender: the state of being male or female Sexual Behaviour: behaviour that produces arousal and increases chance of orgasm A biologist might define sex as any behaviour that increases the likeliness of gametic union Sex is now not only used for reproduction but for as a recreational activity Sex wasn’t always associated with reproduction o In 1850 a man might have fathered 10 children but he had sex 1500 times from the ages 20-50 once a week meaning that only 1% of all acts result in reproduction Alfred Kinsey- defined sex as behaviour that leads to orgasm The History of Understanding Sexuality: Religion and Science Religion Source of values and ethics regarding sexuality and its influence on sexual attitudes and behaviour of certain individuals. Each religion differs on its beliefs on sex For the longest time most people were informed about sex through their religion o Greeks- heterosexuality came from splitting half male and half a female and homosexuality came from the splitting of double males or females o Christians believed that wet dreams came from intercourse with spiritual creatures called incubi and succubi. . o Muslims believed that sexual intercourse was one of the finest pleasures in life. Science All scientific studies were against religion Anton Van Leeuwenhock and student John Ham had discovered sperm swimming in human semen. Sigmund Freud – Victorian era o Norms about sex were rigid and oppressive Historian Peter Gay says o A devious insincere world in which middle class husbands had mistresses; prostitutes and molested little children while their wives put all their heart and soul into housekeeping etc. Sexual actions sometimes violated Victorian societal norms Dr. Cecilia Mosher o Was a physician who conducted a survey for women o 47 women surveyed, 80 percent said they felt the desire for sexual intercourse o 72 percent said they experienced orgasm
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Henry Havelock Ellis o Studies in the Psychology of Sex Believed women like men are sexual creatures Said that sexual deviations by society are harmless Richard von Krafft-Ebing o Special interest was pathological sexuality o Psychopathic Sexualise (book) o Coined the terms sadism, pedifilism, and masochism. o Terms homo and hetero sexuality entered in the English language in 1982 from translation if his book Magnus Hirchfeild o Administered first large scale sex survey (10,000ppl) o First sex research institute o Info destroyed by all nazi hoodlums o First journal devote to the study of sex o Established marriage counselling service Alfred Kinsey o Major breakthroughs in surveys and such in the twentieth century Margaret Mead and Malonowski o Saw the 1990’s increase in research and close relationships The Media
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1- Sexuality in Perspective Sex and...

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