Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Evolutionary Perspectives...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Evolutionary Perspectives Socio-biology- E.O Wilson o The application of evolutionary biology to understanding social behaviour of animals including humans o Try to determine why sexual behaviour has evolved in humans Evolution: a theory that states all living things have acquired their present forms through gradual changes in their genetic endowment over successive generations o Evolution occurs via natural selection Natural selection: a process in nature resulting in the greater rates of survival of those plants an animals adapted to their environmentmore likely to reproduce and pass on healthy genes to the next generation People select mates due to physique and complexion, which indicate a healthy individual. Which means healthy for reproduction Expenditure of money of men on dates indicates to a women the ability for him to support the family If parents bond emotionally the likeliness of survival of the offspring is more likely Parental investment- refers to the behaviour and resources invested in offspring to achieve this end. Do fathers spend more money on their genetic children or their stepchildren The spend equal amount on their step children of a current relationship as the do on their genetic children probably to satisfy their partner Darwin- proposed sexual selection Selection that results from differences in traits affecting access to mates Consists of 2 processes o The competition among members of one gender (usually males) for mating access to members of the other gender o Preferential choice of one gender(usually females) to for certain members of the other gender o Basically males compete with each other for females and females are picky about the males the select Men have three strategies in sexual selection o Competition between males for the best women o To display and possess the materials women want o If fail the first 2, to force sexual intercourse(rape) This strategy might be used by socially unattractive males o Criticisms of Socio-biology That is nave and outdate Is says the central function of sex is reproduction; although this may have been true in the past it is not so much true now Difficult time explaining homosexuality Evolutionary Psychology The study of psychological mechanisms that have been shaped by natural selection Sexual strategies o Male and females face different adaptive problems in short terms mating, long term mating, reproduction etc. o Ex. Man would look for sexually available women for short term and stay away from that for long term o Women would look for a partner who offers her immediate food or money for short term but a man who offers indefinite resources for long term o Men will lower their standards for short terms mates not concerned with education and honesty etc o Womens preferences change less then men do....
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Evolutionary Perspectives...

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