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Chapter 6 - o The sperm is composed of a head a midpeice...

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Chapter 6 Conception Sperm meets egg o Women ovulates on average the 14 th day o The egg is released from the ovary into the body cavity o It is gathered by the fimbriae and enters the fallopian tube o It then begins its trip toward the uterus reaching it in about five days if fertilized. Otherwise it denigrates in about 48hrs o The women’s secretes mucous and flushes the passageways o The man then releases sperm into the vagina and begin its journey to the egg o The sperm is manufactured in the seminiferous tubules and then stored in the epididymus. o During ejaculation the sperm moves above the bladder in the vas deferens where they travel through the ejaculatory duct, mixed with seminal fluid and let out through the urethra
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Unformatted text preview: o The sperm is composed of a head a midpeice and a tail o From the head of the sperm to the tail is 60 micrometers long o The head contains the nucleus The acrosome is a chemical reservoir which also is located in the head o Midpeice contains the mitochondria which provides energy to cause flagellation, the propelling of the sperm forward o Average ejaculation contains 3 millilitres of sperm and 300 million sperm o Sperm are capable of swimming one to three centimetres per hr. o It has been documented that sperm reaches the egg 1.5 hrs post ejaculation o Typically conception occurs on the outer third of the fallopian tubes o Only about 2000 sperm of 3million reach the fallopian tubes o...
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