HumanSex-Chap12 - 1 CHAPTER 12 Sexuality the Life Cycle...

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Adulthood Sexual Development HETEROSEXISM- Struggles over sexual orientation seem to be more difficult for males then females → heterosexuality is such an important cornerstone of the male role in many societies Step towards maturity → identifying our sexual likes & dislikes & how they vary from occasion to occasion o May occur naturally as individual experiences various behaviours o Some people intentionally seek opportunities to engage in novel bahviours or in sexual intimacy with novel patterns Becoming responsible about sex & developing a capacity for intimacy → important in achieving sexual maturity Ideas of what constitutes mature sexuality are influenced by media → increase in number of television programs that have sexuality as a major focus o The Never-Married People are waiting longer to get married o Canadian Census (2001) → 92% of people aged 20 to 24 & 65% of people aged 25 to 29 were never-married o Canadian Census (1971) → 56% of people aged 20 to 24 & 21% of people aged 25 to 29 were never-married Up to 95% of Canadian adults do eventually marry Avg. age of first marriage in 2002 (Statistics Canada) o Women → 27.8 years o Men → 29.8 years CHASTE- Abstaining from sexual intercourse; sexually celibate Celibacy can be either voluntary or involuntary Three types of involuntary celibates: o Virgins → never had intercourse, rarely dated, often had not engaged in any partnered sexual intimacy → failed to make developmental transitions o Singles → had sexual experience but it was not satisfying → unable to find & maintain long-term relationships o Partnered → persons in sexless relationships → relationship included sex in the past but the frequency gradually declined over time Singles scene → institutionalized in such forms as single’s apartment complexes & single’s bars Speed dating → recent innovation intended for the busy urban professional o Dating event involving 15 to 25 singles o Each person speaks to each of the other attendees for a short & fixed period of time (4 to 10 min) o At the end, they indicate their interest in seeing each individual again (yes or no) Alternative to single’s bars is through single’s ads in newspapers or on the internet as part of online dating 1
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o Toronto-based has more than 1 million active members → 60% male, 40% female CYBERSEX- The practice of engaging in sexual talk online Survey of 769 Canadian university students (2002) → 18% of men, 10% of women had used an online dating site Internet daters most likely to be male, single, divorced, employed, urban, & have higher incomes In Canada → 17% of single adults have never engaged in sexual intercourse, 42% engage in sexual intercourse on a weekly basis or more
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HumanSex-Chap12 - 1 CHAPTER 12 Sexuality the Life Cycle...

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