HumanSex-Chap13 - 1 CHAPTER 13 Attraction Intimacy Love...

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ATTRACTION The Girl Next Door COMPAS poll (1988) → asked participants where they met their current dating partner o 33% through friends o 12% at school o 3% through family o 3% through religious settings We tend to be more attracted to people with whom we have had contact several times than we are to people with whom we have had little contact MERE-EXPOSURE EFFECT- The tendency to like a person more if we have been exposed to him/her repeatedly Birds of a Feather We are attracted to people who are similar to us in age, race or ethnicity, & economic & social status HOMOPHILY- The tendency to have contact with people who are equal in social status NHSLS → greatest homophily is race, followed by education & age (least likely to be the same religion) MATCHING PHENOMENON- The tendency for men & women to choose as partners people who Physical Attractiveness Given a choice of more than one potential partner, individuals will prefer the one who is more physically attractive Physical attractiveness is the most important aspect of sex appeal o Physical attractiveness is more important to males evaluating females then it is to females evaluating males The Interpersonal Marketplace Historically, the principle is: o Women’s worth is based on their physical appearance o Men’s worth is based on their success o Therefore there is a tendency for beautiful women to be paired with wealthy, successful men Study of what kinds of men women consider desirable dates (Rubin, 1973) o Men in high-status occupations (physician, lawyer, chemist) were considered highly desirable o Men in low-status occupations (janitor, bartender) were judged hardly acceptable o Attractive women did not feel men in middle-status occupations (electrician, plumber) would be acceptable dates o Unattractive women felt men in middle-status occupations would be acceptable dates Men with more status are more desirable → but how desirable a man is judged to be depends on the woman’s sense of he own worth 1
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From the Laboratory to Real Life Donn Byrne (1970) → study to find out whether feelings of attraction to people who are o o 44 “couples” were formed → half the couples both people had made very similar responses on the questionnaire; other half of the couples the 2 people had made very different responses o The two people were then introduced and sent on a brief date o When they returned from the date, an unobtrusive measure of attraction was taken → how close they stood to each other, etc. o
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HumanSex-Chap13 - 1 CHAPTER 13 Attraction Intimacy Love...

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