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HumanSex-Chap14 - 1 CHAPTER 14 Gender Sexuality GENDER...

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CHAPTER 14: Gender & Sexuality GENDER ROLES & STEREOTYPES GENDER ROLE- A set of norms, or culturally defined expectations, that define how people of one gender ought to behave STEREOTYPE- A generalization about a group of people that distinguishes them from others Even in modern North American society, there is a belief that males & females differ psychologically in many ways o Children as young as 6 are aware of these stereotypes Gender Schema Theory According to this theory → a gender schema is the set of ideas, about behaviours, personality, appearance, etc., that we associate with males & females Gender schema theory influences how we process info o Causes us to dichotomize info on the basis of gender o Leads us to distort or fail to remember info that is stereotype-inconsistent Both our own gender roles & the situation we are in affect how likely we are to process info in terms of gender schema Scripts → cognitive frameworks for how people are expected to behave in social situations Traditional sexual script (TSS) → specifies that North American men & women are supposed to behave heterosexually in sexual situations; some aspects are: o Males are “oversexed” & females are “undersexed” o High sexual experience enhances males’ but decreases females’ perceived status o Males are expected to be “sexperts” & to take responsibility for both their own & their females partner’s sexual pleasure & orgasm, females are expected to be sexually naïve o Males, because of their greater sexual interest, are supposed to be the initiators in sexual situations o In order to avoid being judged negatively by being “too” sexually available, women are expected to be sexual gatekeepers & place limits on sexual activity Socialization SOCIALIZATION- The ways in which society conveys to the individual its norms or expectations for his or her behaviour Occurs especially in childhood, as children are taught to behave as they will be expected to in adulthood o Parents buy dolls for girls & footballs for boys, and strongly encourage gender- typed activities Media continues to show males & females in stereotypes roles o Conveys to girls that their appearance is important & a career is not o The Cosby Show → highest ratings for equality of gender roles of spouses & children o Children who view more TV have more stereotyped ideas about gender roles than do children who view less Gender Roles & Ethnicity 1
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Ethnicity → refers to a sizeable group of people who share a common & distinct racial, national, religious, linguistic, or cultural origin or heritage o British & French backgrounds make up the largest ethnic groups in Canada Changing immigration patterns since the 1980s have increased the ethnocultural diversity in Canada o Gender roles of members of these communities reflect the values & norms of their country of origin o Gender roles may also be influenced by the majority Canadian culture Ethnocultural Communities Facing AIDS
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