Tuesday,january8-chineseandjapimmigration - Tuesday,...

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 Part 1. Chinese Immigration Push and pull conditions o Pull: Came to Canada due to the finding of gold and to contribute the building of CPR o Push: looked towards NA due to poverty. Stereotypes o Chinese seems as coming from lower civilization o Personality characteristics making the more suitable for manual labor leaving them out of the general population Early Chinese immigrants o Rural Chinese o Young men seeking labor positions o Earned 1/3 to I half less then white counterparts o Not allowed to due the more skilled tasks that whites did Canadian reaction and official reaction o Chinese were going to cause problems o Exotic and immoral culture would threaten the cdn way of life in BC o Wanted the Chinese out o The were referred to the “scourge” o 1875- Chinese excluded from franchise- lost right to vote o 1887- Vancouver- racist actions against the Chinese, beats Chinese and destroys camping areas o Anti Chinese league formed by 1892 Royal Commission on Chinese Immigration
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Tuesday,january8-chineseandjapimmigration - Tuesday,...

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