Tuesday,April 8

Tuesday,April 8 - Tuesday Trudeaumania Part 2 Numerous...

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008 Trudeaumania- Part 2 Numerous problems over the course of the 70’s o Economic o Separatist problems Trudeau would loose the election and would have a interlude with Joe Clark In 1980-60/40- on favor of the no side for no separation(the federalists) o Trudeau promised voters a vote for the federalists side was a vote for changing things o Would provide a more inclusive Quebec in Canada o The yes side, René Lévesque(party Quebecois) Starting to become focused on sovereignty association meaning Quebec would have political sovereignty but its economy would be linked with Canada The separatist movement was now at a low point Patriation of the BNA act(1867) Shedding the last vestiges of our attachment to the mother country “night of long knives” o In 1981 was when Quebec politicians were not consulted on the final deal to patriate the constitution o Really what happened was that the BNA act in patria ting it, trudeau wanted to do this in a way which included Québec o Levesque feels in general that trudeau went in with the idea of alienation and disrespecting Québec o Group of 8- premiers felt that charter of rights would step on their power They wanted non elected judges o Only bill Davis and Richard Hartfield supported trudeau and the idea of the charter of rights
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Tuesday,April 8 - Tuesday Trudeaumania Part 2 Numerous...

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