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March 18th 2008cdn

March 18th 2008cdn - March 18th 2008 Canada and Uncle Sam...

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March 18 th 2008 Canada and Uncle Sam - Canadians were worried about their culture in the 1950s o Part of this comes from the Cultural Americanization and the Massey report (1951) Problem: ‘biased toward ‘high culture’ denigrated Canadian national culture by saying most of it was Americans Tried to engage Canadians on the subject of Americanization Recommended: The importance of national broadcasting to be of interest and importance to Canadians Argued Canadian television broadcasting should be Canadian focused wasn’t really beneficial most prominent issues spoke to the fact that Canadian culture was being subdued to American culture to observe Canadian culture a national library and archives should be set up called for more support for the universities especially with the arts, theatres, etc underlined that without government funding Canadian culture will be lost - economic sovereignty slipping: o Gordon commission (1955) Walter Gordon published his thoughts on the economic policy pursued after war Gordon concerned with the degree Canadian businesses and enterprises were rapidly being sold to American investors There was very little Canadian control over our own economy Gordon going against the grain of the day- most Canadians thought it was a good thing having foreign ownership while he thought it would effect Canadian sovereignty 1955 the liberal government is looking at Gordon with interest and make him the head of a commission Gordon tables a report in time for the 1957 election and was full of doom
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