EXAM THEMES231 - communication-Quebec vs. Canada-First...

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Canadian Essay Exam Review War -Canada has always been a country at war -tremendous impact (politically, socially, economically) -changes before to after WWI, WWII, French/English conflicts -source of tension in 1812, Canadian/American -Pearson on America, LBJ criticisms -wars bring on nationalism -Boer War -fracture between French and English -Canada a nation after Vimy Ridge -WWII, nationhood at stake (WLMK and Roosevelt) Geographical Divisions -isolation -regionalism -relate where they are to what they think -government tries to overcome regionalism -WLMK in the 20s with the Prairie Provinces -western alienation growing strong, i.e. Alberta (oil sands) -MacDonald thought the west was a region to exploit to benefit the east -will regional centralization lead to commodification? Demography -British vs. French relations dominant -Acadians unsuccessful in gaining rights -Confederation, Manitoba Schools Act and French Canadian PM (Laurier) all gains in
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Unformatted text preview: communication-Quebec vs. Canada-First Nations as major role in our history-French and English wrote our history-Indian Act, 1867 onward-White Paper-not all aboriginals took this treatment, status of women-Red Power movement of the 1960s-economic policies-immigrants and refugees seek fair and just treatment, this is long standing (Acadia)-African Americans coming to Canada-not always treated fairly, but made their protests known (Dresden)-after WWII, joined with Anglo-Canadians to get better laws-violence-women’s movements-first wave feminism, WWII-Royal Commission on the status of women-earlier examples: Laura Secord, voters in Quebec-agency; takes many forms (protests, fur trade etc.)-social history Historians-interpretations-historiography of Confederation-what a person has lived through influences how they write-there are many ways to express yourself on one issue-historians are not immune to bias...
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EXAM THEMES231 - communication-Quebec vs. Canada-First...

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