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Tuesday,march 4 - • New forms of municipal government o...

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008 Government Centralization John English said that Canada emerged from ww2 with confidence, that the cold war could not chill The Canadian state emerged with large buercracy and large social welfare state o The government generation Intellectuals- changed cdn social policy o 3 reasons Ww2 period and beyond was a time of social, economic and demographic change Role of popular role of the state Intellectuals became viewed as important advisors to politicians(deputy minister) o 6000 orders passed by Mackenzie king and his cabinet o 1939- cdn gov. employed 46, 000 civil servants o 1945- 116 000 civil servants o Louis st. Laurent- took over after Mackenzie king Decided to engage in big development projects Shipping goods over great lakes and throughout Canada St. Lawrence sea ways New Urbanism Women returned to the home and domestic sphere The rise of sub-urbia; houses, cars and modern living
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Unformatted text preview: • New forms of municipal government o Liberals modern party in the 50’s Completing the Welfare State • 1951- old age security o All Canadians over 70 received a 40 dollar flat rate o Had to loved in Canada for 10 yrs • 1951- old age assistance act o Administered by a needs test • 1956 unemployment assistance act o Resources one had vs. needs to be met • 1957- hospital insurance and diagnostic services act o Set up for provinces to become involved in a cost sharing program o Feds promised hospitals to be payed for o 6 provinces with half pop to sign on- empty promise The Creation of the NDP • Two important figures- tommy Douglas and david lewis • Cold war challenges to social democracy • Changing the parties programmatic course and increased ties to unions • From the Regina manifesto(1933) to Winnipeg declaration(1956) •...
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Tuesday,march 4 - • New forms of municipal government o...

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