September25- life in new france

September25- life in new france - Tuesday, September 25,...

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Tuesday, September 25, 2005 Life in New France- pre conquest Upper classes exploited the masses through labor etc Majority of the population was ignorant, poor and lacking in freedom Origins of New France: 1608-1663 Early history- primary accounts of native foods During exploration or war expeditions, and when food was scarce, the French are native foods. Champlain’s order of good cheer 1. He appreciated fine food and enjoyed lively, sociable mealtimes 2. Found ways to deal with isolation and cold winters Champlain on the first winter 3. Spent winter pleasantly 4. Good fare by means of the “ order of good cheer” 5. Order consisted of a chain consisted of a chain which was used at little ceremonies to determine who’s turn it was so go search for food Purpose of new France was to make France stronger 6. Permanent settlement of new France would provide France with control of northern north America 7. King hoped new france would create wealth for French empire. Colony would provide the mother country with raw goods etc. to be sold 8. 3 rd reason was to expand religion and Christianize North America Aims of the colony: permanent settlement for power; riches for France; spreading Christianity The main function of new France was to provide economics to France 9. Exploiting raw materials such as fish, timber, furs 10. Sending food to French colonies in west Indies 11. Food would be used to feed slaves that the French owned Mercantilism 12. System of trade between mother country and its colonies 1. Other countries besides France practiced this Raw materials to be sent to mother countries which would be manufactured, and sold back to the colony The colony flounders 13. Supposed to bring 4000 Roman Catholic settlers 1. Actually got 50-100 2. The colony was plagued by pirates( the kirk brothers) 3. 1629-kirck brothers attacked Quebec; they disrupted the colony and its economic structure, social structure creating a fearful environment in New France 4. Colony shut down for about 3 years 5. Went bankrupt in 1640 6. Reorganized itself by the company “the habitant”
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15 new France businessman 14. Settlement of new France was still slow
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September25- life in new france - Tuesday, September 25,...

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