March 27 geo 188

March 27 geo 188 - March 27, 2008 Geo 188 Unit 8: Tropical...

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Unformatted text preview: March 27, 2008 Geo 188 Unit 8: Tropical Deforestation and the Case of the Amazon Central America 1950-90: lost about tropical rainforests o Hamburger connection deforested land is used for cattle grazing meat ate by N/A Biodiversity Hotspots (conservation International: CI) High levels of biodiversity High rates of habitat and species loss o Most of central America, coast and southern part of Amazon, Caribbean The greatest realm of biodiversity, by far... is the Amazon By far the largest river system in the world Amazon basin o 7.5M km2 6M of rainforest o 10x size of France o 60% of Brazils land space o 2% of earths land surface o >1/2 of worlds tropical rainforest Amazon Rainforest Biodiversity o 10% of worlds mammals o 15% of worlds terrestrial plant biomass o 30% of all known species Canopies: some of the last great unexplored frontiers of the natural world.. Rapid deforestation Recent in amazon basin Since 19701/4 deforested 1980s>> rising evidence of rainforest destruction and extinctions Severe vulnerability to erosion o Trees: anchored by shallow root systemsoil is thin o Most of nutrients is in canopies o Soil erode quickly w/ loss of forest covernot used to that much rainfall.. most was previously caught in the canopy Recall from earlier in course Indigenous populations in the Amazon o Hit hard by disease Attempts to enslavered gold o...
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March 27 geo 188 - March 27, 2008 Geo 188 Unit 8: Tropical...

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