March 13 - Thursday Unit 6 Reform Responses to Uneven...

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Thursday, March 13, 2008 Unit 6: Reform Responses to Uneven Development and the ISI Model (including migration and rising urbanization) In 1914: LAC overwhelmingly rural and agrarian One of the least industrialized regions in the world X exconimies still based on narrow range of commodities w/ benefits so narrowly distributed: o small domestic markets o most manufactured goods imported WW1(1914)-WW2(1940’s) Earliest industrializes>> Argentina, southern Brazil, Uruguay o Buenos Aires: 1 st Modern metropolis(5M by 1950) Initial focus: substitute manufacture of basic consumer products Why after 4.5 centuries linked to global trade networks were countries so un- industrialized and poor? One prominent explanation in the 50’s and 60’s o Dependency theory o Moderate: Raul Prebisch (1950)(ECLAC) o Anti-Imperial: Andre Gunder Frank o Argument: though formal colonialism was over for about a century, LAC was locked in “neocolonial” economic relations with US and Europe o In Short: :LAC nations will not develop into modern, industrialized econimies when the are dependant upon: Exporting narrow range of low priced raw material(primary commodities) (ex. Sugar, refined in Britain) Importing diverse range of manufactured goods. Locus on innovation resides in rich countries Outflows of profits and interest o Rather: Leads to stagnation Dynamics of innovation is situated outside the economy State intervention o Thus: Colonialism created a global economy with: Metropoltican “CORE” o Dicersified integrated industrialized ecnomies
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March 13 - Thursday Unit 6 Reform Responses to Uneven...

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