February 14 - 14 February 2008 Haiti 1915-34 US governs...

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14 February 2008 - read up until Guatemala for exam in reader Haiti - 1915-34: US governs after invasion – as a protectorate, rewrote constitutional laws, o 1918: grants US corporations the right to own land (outlawed since Revolution) o Haiti – still paying out interest to France o Coffee exports taxed to pay off debts to US banks and other foreign creditors o US taking control of the economy, land, taxing basically o Leaves behind virtual police state – military police state - 1956-71: Military coup – Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier o “God and the people are the source of my power. I have twice been given power. I have taken it, and damn it, I will keep it” o economic misery and repression for the masses o Begins established export-processing industry - 1971-86 – ‘Baby Doc’ - Claude Duvailer anointed o even worse than his Dad o Ends up fleeing, taking state treasury o US Ambassador supervises transition from father to son – odd vision of democracy - 1986-91: military dictators - 1991: first democratic elections ever Nicaragua - 1912-33: US marines dominate Nicaragua o Political and economic interests o Classic ‘banana republic’
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- Augusto Cesar Sandino o Vs. US occupation o Guerilla style campaigns, small army o Fights US marines from 1927-33 - 1933: US leave, but leave behind National Guard governed by the military – headed by General Anastasio Somoza - 1934: Sandino tricked and killed by Somoza – thought there was going to be agreement on land reform - The Somoza Dynasty: 1937-56: Anastasio Somoza I kills Sandino
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February 14 - 14 February 2008 Haiti 1915-34 US governs...

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