January 31 - January 31, 2008 Recall from last day: labour...

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January 31, 2008 Recall from last day: labour regimes Plantation slavery 15-17 hour days, even more in cane cutting season + 6 days/week plantations – 50 – several hundred slaves deaths > births = plantation population sinks UNIT 3: FROM INDEPENDENCE AND AUTHORITARIAN STATE BUILDING TO THE LIBERAL REFORMERS De-population and re-population Indigenous survival and rebound strongest where? mayan realm (modern day Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and southern Mexico) and Incan (bolivia, peru) In Brazil push westward – populations decreasing Argentina, Paraguay, southern Brazil – completely wiped out African slave population where indigenous population annihilated (eg. Caribbean) or extirpated (eg Eastern Brazil, Caribbean Basin) greatest import of slaves to Brazil Rise of mixed blood population Mestizo – Spanish-indigenous – dominant in modern Mexico, non-Mayan Central America Mulatto – African-European – in between role – not slave but not on level of white fathers Garifuna (black Caribs) – 200 000-400 000 people – origins not enturely known, African slaves and indigenous populations (Caribs)– from St. Vincent island fight against the British when overtaken from French were shipped to small island off Honduras eventually established on southern Belize, Guatemala, northern Honduras some able to hang on to the language Europeans Spanish: rivalry: Peninsulares vs. Criollos British: 17 th Century phrae 'rich as West Indian planter' French – Haiti British – Jamaica – at their peak one European for 15 slaves Southern Brazil – Argentina – Uruguay: European migration soars in 19 th Century Treaty of Madrid (1750) between Spain and Portugal, brokered by Catholic Church - Gold and Diamons discovered b/t 1690-1790 – push portuguese more inland and southwards in Brazil and become more interested Sugar 1530-1690 – remained on the coastal areas Spanish interest mainly in Mexico and Peru - Portuguese able to push to interior and encroach on Treaty of Tordesillas Result – Portguese allowed to move inward – given by Pope Portuguese Brazil extend to 46 th meridiean recognizing teh on-ground reality
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January 31 - January 31, 2008 Recall from last day: labour...

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