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January 10-izo - January 10, 2008 Landscapes of Inequality...

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Unformatted text preview: January 10, 2008 Landscapes of Inequality Introduction regions of extreme wealth and poverty -polrized in distributions of wealth, land wealthy in respect to resources gold, silver, zinc, lead, copper, tin, oils, precious metals UN report slight improvement in education, hunger levels, but great shortages in primary education 222M are very poor / 40% of the region, 96M are desperately poor External imbalances trade imbalances, heavy borrowing into major debt over $700B Internal inequalities example Brazil (small amount make 100,000/year, whereas majoirty make less than $1,000) Rapid urbanization Sao Paulo over 20M(Brazil), Mexico City (25-30M people) Remittances biggest source of foreign incoem Issues of Tourism being denied access to resources open sewages floods, etc. of the First Naions at contact completely eliminated Guatemala 66% indiginous people remain, and 22 languages exist today hand full in the Amazon havent come into contact with modern society influence of military dictatorship Unit 1: Indigenous Civilizations, the Rise of European Imperialism and Conquest The Mesoamericans civilization still exists resiliance uneven in the Americas Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia retained a large portion of indigenous survival But Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, and Paraguay only 1-3% remain Caribbean extreme extermination Outline 1. Indigenous societies at contact Beringia: ice-free corridor people of the Americas through to South America, 10,000 years...
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January 10-izo - January 10, 2008 Landscapes of Inequality...

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