Lecture 2- Sept 19

Lecture 2- Sept 19 - Sept 19 Geo 182A Readings chapter 1 o...

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Sept 19 Geo 182A Readings: - chapter 1 o focus 1 st 12 pgs - next one to read chapter 5 o read case studies Russia - autocratic feudal society - small middle class - deeply religious - 1917 o dawn of the soviet period o fall of the czar - central planning process o was responsible for taking the Russian country and thrusting it into the 20 th Century o industrialization o significant achievement accomplished at great cost in a short amount of time o it did not respond to needed change (never did change almost at all) o every 5 yrs a new 5 yr plan was set quotas were set, salaries set, etc failure to meet the planned quota was not acceptable meant people worked in great fear any shortcoming would mean grave consequences no incentive to work harder o made no room for change, any deviation from plan would mean that goals might not be met o - the Baltic states were always a lil different than the FSU - central planning was superimposed onto these states o it did not take as well as elsewhere because they had had a taste of free trade economies Central Planning: - government control of economy o what, how much, prices, wages, where things were produced o central location where plans were made far removed from location where action was taking place
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those in charge were in good standing in soviet party maybe not the most qualified individuals - Soviet Union’s centrally planned economy based on ideas of Marx and Lenin and Stalin’s interpretation of these ideas 1928: - direction of economic development decided o 1. country should rapidly industrialize at expense of agriculture and the consumer basic needs of life are met, but comforts, style, choice not
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Lecture 2- Sept 19 - Sept 19 Geo 182A Readings chapter 1 o...

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