Lecture 3- Sept 26

Lecture 3- Sept 26 - Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Physical...

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Physical Settings of the Former Soviet Union Diverse o Different temperature varying from location Parts of Asia are cold while others are very hot Huge distances separate people and resources o Increased costs of moving people, goods and services Human settlement limited by seasonal temperature extremes and short growing seasons o High latitude continental climate o Hard cold winters Permafrost Ice sheets used as highways for trucks o Marginal agriculture In the west o European plain Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic states, European Russia North European Plain Netherlands through Germany through Poland into euro Russia o River systems flow to 4 different drainages Black sea Baltic White sea Caspian o Water transportation is extensive in European Russia Cold winters, cool summers 3 areas of agricultural potential 1. North of Moscow and St. Petersburg a. Poor soils b. Cold temperatures c. Coniferous forest d. Sever limits on farming 2. Belarus and Cent. European Russia a. Longer growing seasons b. Podzol soils(acidic) c. Limit the ability of area to support productive farm economy d. Type of crops include rye, oats and wheat, potatoes, meat and dairy 3. South of the 50 parallel a. Step vegetation i. Grassland b. Chernozem (black earth) soil
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i. Black soil ii. Much organic content due to grassland as opposed to the other
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Lecture 3- Sept 26 - Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Physical...

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