Nov 7 - 1970 – 10 km from sea 1980 – 40km 1995 –...

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Nov 7 Geo 182A Aral Sea: - Soviet demand for cotton ever increasing irrigation o Systems were Inefficient Wasteful (repairs) inflexible o result??? Salinization Resulted from rudimentary irrigation o Somehow salt built up Water logging Reduced production Abandonment of land - Since 1960 o 53% (down) in surface area o 70% (down) in volume - huge area of former seabed exposed - source of toxic dust o reduces crop yields o affected inhabitants chronic pulmonary disease, throat and esophageal cancer respiratory infections in children - Aral Sea o Once the 4 th largest lake in the world o Muynak – seaport/island in the delta of the Amu Darya 1950 – island 1958 – canals 1962 – peninsula
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Unformatted text preview: 1970 – 10 km from sea 1980 – 40km 1995 – 75km-problems o 1. collapse of the fishery o 2. loss of climate modification o 3. salt and pesticides and fertilizers and heavy metals o 4. human health Environmental Problems in Eastern Europe : Causes: 1. Lignite a. Poor fuel b. High sulfur content- virtually no pollution control devices 2. central planning a. no incentive to conserve inefficiency 3. orientation to heavy industry a. lack of modernization b. no shift service sector c. geographical clustering of heavy industry 4. pollution control is in its infancy 5. political repression 6....
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Nov 7 - 1970 – 10 km from sea 1980 – 40km 1995 –...

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