Oct10 - Oct 10 Geo 182 MIDTERM - 2 hrs - readings -...

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Oct 10 Geo 182 MIDTERM - 2 hrs - readings - everything from in class - ch. 1,3,5 - short answer, essay (choose one out of 2or 3) - no map questions - may be* some true false --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commonwealth of Independent States - a.k.a. CIS - the world economy is becoming characterized by new regional trading blocks o eg. EU, NAFTA - post-Soviet states have a legacy of ‘economic interdependency and limited trade with the rest of the world economy” (pg.12 The Post-Soviet States by G. Smith) - for some post-Soviet states (eg. Russia) the CIS is linked to geopolitical security - for others it is a short-term economic necessity which they will leave when membership in alternate alliances becomes possible - basically an attempt to pressure some semblance of a regional economic union or trading bloc o for some, a hoped for reincarnation of the USSR - set up in Dec 1991 - membership open to all post- Soviet states - after some “toing and froing”, all joined except the Baltic states - goal was to provide forum for discussion of issues related to dissolution of USSR o eg. Defense issues – management of nuclear arsenal o division of USSR’s assets and liabilities (eg, debt to Western economic institutions) o creation of ways to resolve armed conflicts, border problems, minority disputes o trade interdependency o trans-frontier pollution - has been move to deepen economic integration while maintaining territorial independence - CIS has remained relatively weak - Russia is the leading state - Variety of perspectives on the CIS by other members -------------------------------------------
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- central planning turned the republics into very specialized productive units o full or nearly full monopolies on producing a wide range of items o eg. Uzbekistan cotton o Azerbaijan o Latvia electronics - The result was considerable trading dependence between the republics - In the FSU exports to other republics made up a large part of NMP (net material
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Oct10 - Oct 10 Geo 182 MIDTERM - 2 hrs - readings -...

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