history january 17th

history january 17th - Adowa Somaliland Haile Selassie...

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Somaliland Haile Selassie Rome-Berlin Axis (1936) Pact of Steel (1939) Stalin 5 year plan Collectivization “Great Famine” Gulags “Great Purge” Popular Front Soviet Union Kulaks Manchurian Crisis Hirohito Mussolini Ethiopia Russia 1924 – Lenin has two strokes and dies 3 or 4 years for the leadership to sort itself out in which time Stalin rises to power 5 year plan o Russia is to go into forced industrialization o Russia has to catch up with the west o Build steel, railroads, weapons (as opposed to consumer goods) o Workers had motivation and excitement for the first 5 year plan, but lost interest and motivation by the time the 3 rd 5 year plan arrives o Despite all the screwups, Russia becomes highly industrialized to prepare itself for WWII Collectivization of agriculture o The old agricultural system is not efficient o The old peasant farms of previous Russia are not efficient enough to feed a growing industrialized nation Decides that all farms should collectivize into large state owned farms The land had been taken away from farmers and all of their belongings Share whatever profits or losses received o Peasants go into revolt all across Russia o Rich peasant (kulaks) – worked hard for their advantage, and unfortunately become enemies of the people
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history january 17th - Adowa Somaliland Haile Selassie...

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