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history january 24

history january 24 - Rhineland Anschluss Schuschnigg...

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Rhineland Anschluss Schuschnigg Czechoslovakia Sudetenland Chamberlain Daladier Munich Conference of 1938 Format is the same – includes everything since the last midterm 90 minutes – two parts: A(choose 4 id questions) B(essay) Gallipoli questions ID Samples – Nuremburg laws, Manchurian crisis, self determination, balfour declaration, treaty of lacarno, march on Rome, kristalnacht, Polish corridor, appeasement, Anschluss, Spanish civil war, Ghurnica, Armenian Massacres, war socialism (only the economy), the great depression, the great inflation, Canadian war time election act 1917, Essays – impact of WWI, origins of WWII, Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations International Crisis Leading up to WWII Rhineland had been de-militarized, a buffer Hitler is determined to take it back (orders 22 000 soldiers to head through the Rhineland and take it back) o Hitler may have realized the gamble he was taking (broke the treaty of Versailles and the treaty of Locarno) o
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