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History Nov 29th - Britain and the US would join the war o...

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Geneva Covenant “Collective Security” League of Nations Weimar Republic Ruhr Rapallo Dawes Plan Bavaria Saxony Munich Hitler Hindenburg Treaty of Locarno (1925) Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928) League of Nations Meet for the first time in November of 1920 Who is not there: none of the central powers (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey), Russia (USSR), USA o USA felt that the League of Nations would suck them into further wars (ironic because Woodrow Wilson devised the idea of the League of Nations) o Communists cannot be trusted o Not a world body to govern internationally 44 countries meet for the first time Britain and France are the major powers in the League o Britain and France don’t agree with what the league is doing from day one o They want times to go back as they used to (Imperialism and the Empire) British did not view the League as being powerful It was written in the Treaty that if France was ever invaded by Germany that
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Unformatted text preview: Britain and the US would join the war o USA does not sign o As a result Britain doesn’t sign France begins to look around for protection Turn to League of Nations Wanted an international police force • League was created for: o Deal with future international problems o Supervise treaties o Covenant – Woodrow Wilson used this to describe the constitution of the League • League has two parts: Assembly and Council o Similar to the UN o Council had permanent members (winners of WWI) • Collective Security – If one is attacked, all countries are involved • League of nations was created to eliminate the alliance system o France begins to create alliances shortly after the league is created o Signs treaties with small eastern countries in the event of conflict with Russia and Germany...
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History Nov 29th - Britain and the US would join the war o...

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