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Thursday, April 10, 2008 Office Hours – Tues April 13, 11-1230 Exam SA 150-151 on 22 7-9 pm Part A- three of 6 ID-30 percent Part B-Essay Part, only new material since last midterm (ww2) 1 of 2(30%) Part C- Essay, worth 40 percent, 1 of 2, cumulative, contrasts something of ww1 and ww2 Possible Question Normandy Invasion Battle Britain Battle of the Buldge Oradour-sur-Glane Vancy Conference Auschwitz-Berk… Blitzkreig Kamikaze(march 27) Elle Alemain Monte Casino Battle of the Atlantic Dresden Stalingrad(march 13) Midway(march 13) Rommel(march 11) Radar Anne King Singapore Coral Sea(march 13) Hiroshima Nuremburg Trial US Strategic Mobbing Survey-issue of bombing, Dresden Manhatten project(march 27) Pretend death march Macarthur Montgomery Eisenhower Operation torch North Africa Operation Sea lions-Britain Operation bragration- soviet union attack on Germans Dday Part B
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Unformatted text preview: -ww2 war in the pacific, strategy used in each side, role in racial prejudice in the second ww-what role did Americans play in ww2,(Normandy, and pacific war)-why was Italy in NA, controversy-Nature of Russian front, what made that front one of the most deadly areas of the war, how was this a deadly front, *Stalingrad-Could be argued that a significant aspect of ww2 involved the role of racial constructs. Discuss…-What affect did the war have on the US position in the world Part C- comparative btw WW1 and ww2-how does technology change from the world wars, affect on the battle field-compare and contrast the conclusions of the two wars-role of countries in wars- Germany, Italy, Britain, Russian Soviet Union, France, USA Ex.-what was the role of Great Britain and how did it affect the country...
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