november 20 history

november 20 history - Does not include the six northern...

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LLyod George Wilson Lenin Iraq Syria Lebanon Zionist Armenia Ireland Sinn Fein Ulster Irish Republican Army Balfour Declaration (Nov 1917) Armenians Attacked again at the end of the war as the Turks push for a unified Turkey (Muslim Turkey) Final peace treaty does not allow for an independent Armenia Independent Armenia – 1991 Ireland Home Rule Easter Rebellion Sinn Fein (we ourselves) – Irish political group o Group does really well in elections – elected to seat in the house of commons but refuse to accept o IRA is born (Irish Republican Army) o British forces created to counterbalance the IRA o Irish Free State was to be created in the south of Ireland (which had the same status as Canada and Australia under the commonwealth)
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Unformatted text preview: Does not include the six northern colonies of Ulster Palestine • Zionism – form of racism according to the UN o Basically the desire for a homeland • There is basically one piece of land in the middle east that two peoples want • Balfour Declaration states that the Jewish people will have a “home” in the middle east Consequences of WWI • Europe o WWI is the beginning of the end of Europe o By the end of the course Europe is in despair • USA o Sees a rise in power • Russian Revolution o Rise of Communism • Ideological war that begins in 1917 o Communism vs. Capitalism o Militarism vs. Democracy o Workers Utopia...
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november 20 history - Does not include the six northern...

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