October 9 - o The Battles of Loos faught on coal fields...

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History 186 Tuesday, October 9, 2007 Ionzo Gallipol Churchhill Kitchener Dardanelles Sanders Anzac Haig Loos Ypres Falkernhayn Nicholas War to be over by Christmas 1914 Supply shortages were now a problem Italy the last great power to join the war o Assumption was that Italy would tip the balance; who ever got Italy on their side would win the war o Bargaining for the Italians Italians have clear picture that war is not going to be fun but rather intense Italy wanted certain territories o Despite all the bargaining the allied side had more to bargain with Italy joined the allies in may 1915 Benito Mussolini o At this point is a socialist. Opposed to going to the war but Mussolini decides that they should A lot of battles that Italy is involved in on an area by the IONZO river Austrio- Hungarian have 3 enemies surrounding them o Russia, Italy and Serbia The western front o Allied offensive against Germany(May- September)
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Unformatted text preview: o The Battles of Loos- faught on coal fields British gets slaughtered by Germans o British faught all summer and only moved 3 miles Lost 257000 men French lost 1 200 092 men o German attack on western Front 2 nd battles of ypres Only time that German get on the offensive First time use of chlorine gas Gas began to attack respiratory system- ripping lungs and internal breathing organs apart • Canada o When Britain declared war, Canada went to war automatically o Trained in Quebec o They face chlorine gas o The Canadian force cross the gap from the Algerians that had left o British viewed Canadians as heroes o British propaganda starts to portray Germans as beast, in humans o Big German offensives take place in the east o Falkenhayen wanted to block attacking to the western front o Kaiser wabts to keep attacking east, Kaiser overrules falkenhayen o...
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October 9 - o The Battles of Loos faught on coal fields...

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