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Sept 26-Lecture 6

Sept 26-Lecture 6 - system forced other countries like...

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007 Lecture 6 1. Alliance System 2. Nationalism 3. Militarism Anti-Semitism Mobilization War guilt Blank cheque Alliance System The assassination of Franz Ferdinand would affects the Kaiser and make him down. He was moved by the assassination which lead to the following The blank cheque- permission for Austria from Germany to take any means necessary to protect itself from Russia. Austria was Germany’s only friend. July Crisis- 10 demands sent from Serbia to Austria o Austria-Hungry wanted and end to propaganda in Serbia o Austrians wanted their own police to track down the conspiracy; who shot Franz Ferdinand o July 28 1914- Austria/Hungry declares was on Serbia o July 29, 1914-Russia begins to mobilize its army o These should be the only countries bound to war however the alliance
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Unformatted text preview: system forced other countries like Germany to join in. o The alliance system is the general cause of the large scale war Nationalism • These countries are less and less liberal • A nation would become like a new religion • Conformity was essential for proper functioning • One view, one goal Militarism • Every army was conscript meaning that you were forced to join the army accecpt for Britain • Military leadership has a great impact on politics • All the men believed that war was a great thing o Wanted to be heroes o Propaganda took over, war was the big thing War Guilt • Attempt by everyone to blame somebody as the cause of war •...
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Sept 26-Lecture 6 - system forced other countries like...

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