Thursday,March13 - Thursday E.Europe Stalingrad(EXAM...

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Thursday, March 13, 2008 E.Europe- Stalingrad (EXAM QUESTION 100%), Feb 1943 Pacific- Midway June 1942 N.Africa- El Alamein Ceylon New Guinea Coral Sea End of 1941 German army sitting outside of Moscow Starving and freezing, soup freezing on a spoon Pulled back a bit Hitler takes over army in the east o Dismisses his best generals Spring/Summer Offensive in 1942 o Remarkable due to loss of men, but still have enough fight to dust the snow off and go at them again o This becomes the titanic battle of Europe Eastern front known as the unknown battle of war o The bulk of the fighting are going to take place in Stalingrad o Stalin gets the attitude that he is the only one fighting Weather finally gets better Hitler decides the same he did in 1941, attack one single group rather then a three prong war Moving into area rich in oil and soil etc.- he is looking for supplies o Looking for natural resources June/July o German offensive in the south incredible o Eventually as pushing into southern area towards Volga river where Stalingrad (now Volgograd) located Heavy industrial city that would be beneficial to cease
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Thursday,March13 - Thursday E.Europe Stalingrad(EXAM...

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