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Tuesday, Oct 16 - o Symbolic to Frances past • Joffre...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Haig is the British Commander, wants to attack on Flanders o No imagination what so ever o Haig wants to throw as many men at the enemy before they can kill o By July the 1 st Britain lost 19 000 deaths Joffre is the French Commander, wants to attack on Somme o Falkenhayn- known for extraordinary battle fought in the war o Cant attack on western front, defense is best German general wants to attack Verdun o He wants to take Verdun and initiate attack by French to retrieve Verdun, something they want o Attrition battle- wearing the enemy battle o “ I intend to bleed the French Army to death” o French populace would not let the British capture Verdun
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Unformatted text preview: o Symbolic to Frances past • Joffre says that it’s a dead battle in Verdun o He begins to move artillery to another location for battle, the Germans don’t know this however • Andre Philippe Petait o Local commander of Verdun o Not risen through the ranks, he is a defensive general • By October the German line is 3 miles further then they were when they started in Feb. • Casualty figures are almost equal between French/ Germans o This was not the idea…the French army is not bleeding • Hindenburg/ Ludenorff o Aug 1916- falkenhayen replaced by the two above •...
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