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Axia College Material Roberta Gauvin Final Project Matrix Using information from the correlating chapters in Special Education for Today’s Teachers: An Introduction , complete the appropriate sections of the matrix as you proceed through the course. Exceptionality Definition Classification criteria and characteristics Prevalence Associated educational practices Additional information Learning Disability (Week Two CheckPoint) Children who have difficulty in speak ing, writing and memory problems. They also have trouble with reading and expressing information (Rosenberg, M)” Low achiev e ment Easily distracted Social Skills Poor motivation Uneven development of academic skills The amount of learning disability children has increased major. There is not one classroom that does not have a disability child in there. A teacher who takes his or her time with the student and has patience will find the student will learn more. Student ’s with disabilities have security issues but if you can get them to feel comfortable with you they will open up, do their work, ask questions and not be scared. Mild Intellectual Disability (Week Two CheckPoint)) Much like the learning disability children; however, they have more pote ntial to learn in the regular education classes with the accommodations still. Clumsy Hygiene reminders Confidence issues Uneven development of academic skills This has seemed to decrease on the other hand. The student will learn more and want to learn if he or she is comfortable with the teacher. If they are patient with the student and take their time teaching them they will learn more. These students are the same as the learning disability children. AED 222
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Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (Week Three Exercise) A child who shows mood swings, depression, physical symptoms, and are different from other children. They also cannot control or maintain relationships with friends, peers or teachers. (Rosenberg, M)”
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aed222 appendix b - Axia College Material Final Project...

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