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There are many implications of NCLB on teachers, on students in the classroom, and on schools and school districts. Teachers face the difficulty of trying to cater to many different academic levels in one setting. Children who need extra time, and/or attention do not receive it. Teachers may try to help them, but they may really be at a different ability level, which does not correlate to the mandated curriculum. There is this constant feeling of pushing children through the material and teaching for the exam. This affects the students in multiple ways. They may get frustrated or overburdened by concepts, which are too
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Unformatted text preview: difficult or abstract for them. And, there may not be enough time for them to really understand the concepts. Additionally, because curriculum is ‘set in stone’, the students’ interests are not incorporated. This may cause them to become bored and disinterested. On a school district level, NCLB is all about budget concerns. If the school doesn’t perform well, the district loses funding, and the overall success of the academic dwindles. Thus teaching to the test becomes critical and the overall mission statement and goals of the district become blurred....
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