Annotated Bibliography - Thompson, B. (March 8, 2009)....

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Annotated Bibliography 2 Annotated Bibliography Thesis: Mainstream protestant churches are wrestling with the question of accepting openly gay ministers. Cooperman, A. (February 9, 2007). Lutheran panel votes to expel gay minister. Washington Post , n.d., n.d., 1. The article by Alan Cooperman details out the events in 2007 when a Lutheran Church in Atlanta was required to remove an openly gay minister from the pulpit. In spite of the fact that the minister was loved by his congregation and that the congregation was stedily increasing, they elected to remove him from office. However, in 2005 “the ECLA rejected a proposal to maintain a ban on actively gay ministers but allow exceptions for those in loving, lifelong partnerships.” I intend to use this quote within my paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Thompson, B. (March 8, 2009). Protestants to wrestle with issue of ordaining gay clergy. Retrieved April 23, 2009, from The article by Bill Thompson gives an account of the effects of the struggle over gay clergymen within different churches. Some churches retained their ministers and elders and changed their bylaws to protect those who are gay within their churches. Other churches decided to completely remove themselves from the organizations which they Annotated Bibliography 3 operated under and start entirely fresh as in the case of the Grace Episcopalian Church. This is a recent accounting of the last 13 months surrounding this subject and I intend to use several quotes from it as documentation within my paper....
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Annotated Bibliography - Thompson, B. (March 8, 2009)....

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