BSA 310 Week 3 Paper Kudler Fine Foods

BSA 310 Week 3 Paper Kudler Fine Foods - Kudler Fine Foods...

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Unformatted text preview: Kudler Fine Foods Memo To: Management Team From: [name] Date: 12/21/2009 Re: IMC Plan Integrated Marketing Communications Plan This plan aims to ensure that Kudler Fine Foods marketing plan is consistent with the demographic data and psychographic data that have been researched by the company in the past. This memo will go into detail about how to create a marketing plan that is consistent through the various media used in the marketing strategy and why this is important in terms of demographic and psychographic data collected. This plans goal will be to ensure effective branding across all platforms of advertising media and to provide successful branding within the targeted consumer market. The Data Demographic data is extremely useful in the development of a new marketing strategy. This data might include sex, gender, age, income or race as well as a host of other data that can be gleaned from a certain population. It is important to research these attributes, because in order to create the correct marketing strategy, a company must have a certain target consumer base on which to found its plan. This foundation will be the starting point: what age group will be targeted? What sex are we targeting our product or service to? What is their income on a yearly basis and will they be able to afford our product or service? What are their priorities when it comes to food and food-related services? These are all important questions to keep in mind when making development decisions. The demographic marketing decisions for Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) are an important part of this plan, as with any companys marketing strategy. Because of the clientele that will potentially buy the products sold, I believe that a selective advertising campaign should be implemented, rather than . Kudler Fine Foods target market should be upper-middle class, which, according to Princeton, is occupying the upper part of the middle socioeconomic range in a society...
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BSA 310 Week 3 Paper Kudler Fine Foods - Kudler Fine Foods...

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