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Question: Does the section in the charter on dispute resolution have enough information? What would you include to provide stronger strategies? The conflict resolution section within the charter has plenty of information in regards to resolving conflict. We have covered many aspects of resolving conflict, as it would arise within a team setting. The first step in resolving conflict would to gather members of the tam and define the problem that needs resolution. Once the problem is determined then the group as a whole must gather data about the specific problem at hand. Once the data is gathered then the data must be analyzed in order to procure a resolution of said conflict. Once the learning team has analyzed the data they must collectively decide on the best solution to resolve the conflict and then implement the solution. All of the aforementioned steps cannot take place without cohesive and effective communication. Thus, disrespectful communication within the team must be curbed. When acting as a team, members must remember they are a cohesive unit and not an individual unit. All members are working for the greater good of the team not individual advancement. One the
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