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If I must persuade my audience to take some action, I am not being manipulative and unethical, so long as I minimize the amount of bias used to present my perspective. This means I limit the amount of fallacies I use during my persuasive speech. I need to get my point across, by being charismatic, but not over zealous. Additionally, persuading an audience should be done with many credible resources. I should have evidence, which supports my opinion, gives multiple reasons why people should follow my lead. This can
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Unformatted text preview: be done by presenting the opposing viewpoint. So long as I explain both sides of an argument, and can support why my viewpoint is better, it is not manipulative or unethical, but rather well thought out and trustworthy. Whenever one gives a persuasive speech, they must uphold their own ethics, values and morals. If one can give the speech, and follow their own beliefs, than there should be no problem with sharing and persuading others on that particular topic....
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