CJS 200 Week 8 CheckPoint JAILS

CJS 200 Week 8 CheckPoint JAILS - Some jails seperate...

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The purpose in jails is the detainment of tried criminals and those waiting to be tried. Prisons hold the prisoners that have been tried and convicted of crimes. Jails on the other hand contain criminals with either short sentences or those waiting to be tried and are being held under bond. The current system is ineffective because there are those who are held against thier will who are later proven innocent of crimes committed and there are those who are being held for serious crimes like murder or rape and waiting to be tried being held in the same places as people who have bounced checks or have repeated DUI's.These crimes are menial in comparison and often these people suffer at the hands of the hardened criminals.
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Unformatted text preview: Some jails seperate criminals based on thier crimes however in some places this is just not effective or efficient and the lack of space is considerable. Also tax dollars goes to housing criminals and this is why the government is considering privatising prisons while creating a standard by which they must be held to. I think privatising these things will create a better system and cause less of a strain on society and in the process major companies can get cheaper labor and the victims or families of the criminals can draw an amount of income from the criminals work to support them in thier loss or need depending on the crime they committed....
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