CJS 210 Community and Problem-Solving Policing

CJS 210 Community and Problem-Solving Policing - T he 2...

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The 2 newest models of law enforcement being implemented in the United States are community policing and problem solving policing. Both are effective means of community and law enforcement partnerships responding to crime control and prevention. The positive relationships cultivated by the beat officer are at the root of successful community policing. Responding to issues identified by community members is at the center of problem solving policing. Both community policing and problem solving policing are enhancements to the departments and communities that employ these measures. Community Policing Community policing or neighborhood policing is founded on the premise that law enforcement officers (LEO’s) and departments who operate in cooperation with communities and within neighborhoods are more effective in reducing crime due to the assistance received by community members. As citizens become involved in the proactive methods of community policing specific crimes are eliminated and others are effectively controlled. The Committee on Law and Justice (2004) found that residents reported reduced anxiety and crime in the neighborhood as they worked with LEO’s to apprehend juveniles and other perpetrators of community based crimes. An example of a community policing project is the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS). The CAPS program is based on partnerships between community members and Chicago police officers to decrease neighborhood crime through the employment of traditional policing methods and community based policing efforts (CCPEC, 2004). LEO’s and residents have reported positive results with the CAPS program reducing neighborhood crime and enhancing the positive image of Chicago LEO’s (CCPEC, 2004). CAPS is a model for
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programs across the nation. The program uses the motto “Together We Can” to encourage open communication and collaboration between citizens, neighborhood business owners, LEO’s, the law enforcement agency and other city services to fight and prevent crime (CCPEC, 2004). This motto provides for open discussions between residents and LEO’s to arrive at solutions
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CJS 210 Community and Problem-Solving Policing - T he 2...

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