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The Pre-Modern, Modern, and Post-Modern Eras The pre-modern era can be described as the period of time in Western civilization immediately following ancient history. The pre-modern era started in the 500s and continued into the mid 1400s and is ceremoniously marked by the invention of the printing press. Mythology and worship of the gods were prevalent during the pre- modern eras. There was very little explanation or understanding by the people of happenings around them. Plagues, famine, and natural disasters were mysterious, feared, and unexplained The modern era followed the pre-modern era and covered numerous historical periods. The French Revolution, Colonialism, the American Revolution, and the start of the Industrial Revolution all occurred during the modern era. The modern era, also called Modern Times, continues until today. Major advancements noted in the modern era were made in the areas of politics, economics, science, technology, and medicine.
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Unformatted text preview: Post-modern refers to anything after the modern movement. The post-modern movement initially began as a reaction to modernism when a disillusioned and jaded population began to feel detached from regular society. The post-modern era/movement basically questions and challenges advancements made in the modern era. This era is packed with advancement in art, intellectualism, and humanities. I see a strong shift in cultural values already occurring in our society. I would like to coin the next era as the Reconstruction and Rejuvenation Era. I feel the people of this era will wake up and realize the mistakes, wrongdoings, and damages that were done in the past years. These people will realize that the world we know it cannot continue to exist the way it is and everything will need to be taken down, cleansed and rebuilt. A new values system will need to be implemented and a back to basics approach will be taken....
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