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Unformatted text preview: ISMT111 Problem Set #2 (1) A soft drink bottler has two quality control inspectors independently check each case of soft drinks for chipped or cracked bottles before the cases leave the bottling plant. Having observed the work of the two trusted inspectors over several years, the bottler has determined that the probability of a defective case getting by the first inspector is .05 and the probability of a defective case getting by the second inspector is .10. What is the probability that a defective case gets by both inspectors? (2) A mail-order firm considers three possible service mistakes in filling an order: I. The wrong item is sent. II. The item is lost in transit. III. The item is damaged in transit. Assume that event I is independent of both events II and III. Also assume that events II and III are mutually exclusive. The individual event probabilities are: P ( I ) = . 02 , P ( II ) = . 01 , P ( III ) = . 04 ....
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