PS4 - ISMT111 Problem Set#4(1 In a large batch of...

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ISMT111 Problem Set #4 (1) In a large batch of electronic components, it is known that 30% are defective. If a sample of 25 components is drawn from this batch, what is the probability that at most ten of them are non-defective? (2) In a pottery manufacturing plant, all job applicants are required to pass a manual-dexterity test. Past records show that out of every 100 job applicants, 30 of them will pass the test. If 20 applicants are picked at random from a large number of applicants, determine (a) the expected (i.e., the average) and the standard deviation of the number of applicants who will pass the test; (b) and the probability that between 5 and 10 applicants inclusively will pass the test. (3) In a pool of 15 tour guides employed by Mainland Travels, there are only four who speak French as their third language. Among those who do not speak French, six speak Japanese as their third language. The others speak only Cantonese and English. A group of 65 tourists in which 10 are French, 15 are Japanese, and 40 are Chinese, is scheduled to leave for a 10-day
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PS4 - ISMT111 Problem Set#4(1 In a large batch of...

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