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Reading Guide Charles Darwin, “The Devil’s Chaplain,” Faber Book of Science , p. 114-128. Feb.3 p.120-123 1. What general principle was the experiment with aphids and ants meant to show? Did it succeed? Why might this principle be controversial if extended to humans? 2. How does Darwin use his experiences with the ‘savage’ Fuegians to argue for our common ancestry with apes? 3. What steps lead to our sense of morality? Is it possible for other animals to achieve a moral sense? Will every species’ morality be the same?
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Unformatted text preview: Feb. 10, p.114-119 1. List some specific examples of ‘savage’ behaviour. How does this discussion fit into Darwin’s argument about evolution? 2. The editors argue that Darwin describes the battle for survival in ‘nationalistic and imperialistic’ terms. Find examples of this. April 7, p.123-125 1. How do men and women differ? Foes Darwin give evidence for these observations? 2. What explanation does he give for these differences? 3. Why aren’t the mental difference more pronounced?...
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