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Georges Cuvier, “Geology and Genesis,” Scientific Revolutions, p.239-246. 1. What evidence does Cuvier give to convince his reader that there have been significant changes in climate, sea level, etc.? 2. What evidence does he provide to back up the claim that these changes have been sudden and violent? 3. What is happening to the intensity of these catastrophes over time? 4. Cuvier argues that older species must have gone extinct. Why? What is the alternate explanation for the same evidence? How does Cuvier try to convince us that that explanation is wrong? 5. Last reading, Lamarck used evidence from cultivated plants to support his theory of evolution. How does Cuvier use evidence from the wide varieties of domestic dogs to
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Unformatted text preview: attack evolutionary theories? Lyell, Deep Geological Time, Scientific Revolutions , p.251-265. 1. How does Lyells model of geological processes differ from Cuviers? 2. What evidence does Lyell give to support his claims? [Hint: one place to look is the section in which he talks about volcanoes]. 3. What does Lyell think of the theory that the earth was once covered in water? 4. How does he address the question of the progressive development of life? Why is this idea incompatible with his theory? 5. What about the fact that human life seems recent? Is this a problem for Lyell? Does he provide a solution?...
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