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Reading Guide. Jan. 15. John Dalton. “The Chemical Atom,” Scientific Revolutions, p. 226-232. 1. According to Dalton, what observations have universally led people to accept that all bodies are composed of atoms? 2. Describe the forces of attraction and repulsion in Dalton’s theory. What phenomena do they account for? 3. What happens to atoms during chemical reactions? What can never happen? 4. Dalton assumes that water is composed of one hydrogen plus one oxygen atom.
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Unformatted text preview: Describe the reasoning that led to this conclusion. 5. The weights that Dalton gives are all relative weights. Which element is given a weight of 1 in his scheme? 6. Pay attention to the last paragraph in which Dalton talks about simple substances. How is his definition of an element different from Lavoisier’s? Are there any similarities?...
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