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Carolus Linnaeus. “The Sexual System,” Scientific Revolutions, p.151-156. 1. What features of plants does Linnaeus think we should use to determine their genus? 2. Give examples of “different parts of fructification.” Which characteristics of these parts should botanists look at in particular? Which characteristics should they ignore? [L. talks about this near the end of the reading]. 3. Pay attention to the places where Linnaues talks about the Creator. How does he invoke the idea of God to advance his argument? 4. What does Linneaus mean by a ‘natural’ system of classification? What method is the best method for discovering this system (according to L.)? Does Linnaeus think he will live to see a complete natural system? Jean Baptiste Lamarck, “Directed Variation,” Scientific Revolutions , p. 216-225. You are going to find that Lamarck repeats the same idea a number of times. By the end
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Unformatted text preview: of this reading you should be able to give a concise explanation of his theory of evolution. 1. Does the environment directly modify the characteristics of animals? How do alterations in the environment lead to certain parts disappearing and other parts becoming more prominent? Give examples. 2. How do these alterations eventually result in new species? 3. Can an animal or plant develop an entirely new organ or limb? 4. Is there any limit to the modification of a particular organism? 5. How does Lamarck use the evidence from domesticated plants and animals to advance his argument? 6. Contrast Lamarcks explanation for the relationship between the parts of animals and the use of those parts with the explanation given by other naturalists....
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