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Josheph Priestley, “The Principle of Fire,” in Scientific Revolutions p. 157-164 1. Pay close attention to the sections in which Priestly talks about his experimental method. How would you describe his method? What role do theories or hypotheses play? 2. Priestley is announcing that he has produced a new kind of air. Describe how this air is produced. You should be able to draw a simple diagram of his apparatus. 3. For a period of time, Priestley thinks that this new air is the same as ‘common air.’
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Unformatted text preview: Why? 4. What finally convinces him that this air is ‘better’ than common air? What does he mean by ‘better’? 5. What do the experiments with mice show? What about the experiments mixing the new air and nitrous air? Which of these methods does Priestley prefer? Why? 6. How does Priestley interact with other scientists? Is there anything surprising about this interaction?...
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