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German University in Cairo Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology Prof. Dr. Slim Abdennadher Introduction to Computer Science , Winter Term 2009-2010 Practice Assignment 1 Discussion: 10.10.2009 - 15.10.2009 Exercise 1-1 Write an algorithm to determine the ying time between two cities given the mileage between them and the average speed of the airplane. Exercise 1-2 Write an algorithm that calculates and prints the annual cost of running an appliance given the cost per kilowatt-hour in cents and the number of kilowatt-hours the appliance uses in a year. Exercise 1-3 Write an algorithm that given the width and length of a garden in meters calculates the area of the garden together with the number of trees that could be planted on this garden area, knowing that each tree needs a space of 50 cm 2 . Exercise 1-4 The Pythagorean Theorem states that the sum of the squares of the two sides of a right angle
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Unformatted text preview: triangle is equal to the square of its hypotenuse. For example, 3 , 4 and 5 are the sides of a right angle triangle as they form a Pythagorean Triple ( 5 2 = 4 2 +3 2 ). Given 2 numbers, m and n where m ≥ n , a Pythagorean Triple can be generated by the following formulae: a = m 2-n 2 b = 2 × m × n c = p a 2 + b 2 Write an algorithm that reads in values for m and n and prints the values of the Pythagorean Triple generated by the formulae above. Exercise 1-5 Write an algorithm that reads the amount of time in seconds and then displays the equivalent hours, minutes and seconds. Note: You can use the function INT(x/y) that gives the integer part of the result of the division x/y . For example INT(5/2)=2 . 1...
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