Lab 3 - 5 Saddle Thumb b/w carpals and metacarpals 6...

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Lab 3: Appendicular Skeletal System: Components of the Appendicular Skeletal System: 2) Upper Limbs: Shoulder and down 3) Pelvic Girdle: Ilium, Ishium, and Pubis 4) Hip on down Articulations: Where 2 bones contact each other- Joint 1) Synarthrosis: Joints w/ little or no mobility (Bones of cranium) 2) Amphiarthrosis: Slightly movable joints (Sternum Costal) 3) Diarthrosis: Most Movement (Elbow, knee, hip, wrist) Diarthodial (Synovial) Joints: 1) Gliding: Between carpals- Joints glide over each other (1-2 Planes) 2) Hinge: Elbow gives flection (away and back) (1 Plane) 3) Pivot: Allows Rotation (Radius, Atlas on Axis) 4) Condyloid: Ovalish. (Metacarpal Phalangial Joint) (2 Planes)
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Saddle: Thumb b/w carpals and metacarpals 6) Ball & Socket: Most Mobility (Shoulder and Hip) Ligaments: Only attach bone to bone. 1) Collatoral: To the side (MCL) 2) Annular: Around a surface 3) Interosseus: Between Bones 4) Cruciate: Connects Femur to Tibia (ACL)-Another name for the Ilium, Ishium and pubis = OS COXAE-Hinge Joint: Rounded process of one bone fitting into a concave surface. Movement is in one plane. Upper Limbs:-Humerus- Upper Arm-Radius & Ulna- Forearm-Carpals- Wrist-Matecarpals- Palm-Phalanges- Fingers Lower Limbs:-Femur: Upper Leg-Tibia & Fibula: Shin & Leg Bone-Tarsals: Ankle-Metatarsal: Foot Bone-Patella: Kneecap...
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Lab 3 - 5 Saddle Thumb b/w carpals and metacarpals 6...

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