Lab 4 - -Elevation/Depression Shoulders up and...

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Lab 4: Integument and Muscular System: Skeletal Muscle: Striated, volunraty, attached to bones by 2 large or many tendons -Origin: Stationary, Proximal, Larger- For Leverage -Insertion: Movable, Distal- Smaller -Action: What happens? -Rectus: Straight -Transverse: Across -Oblique: Slanted, diagonal (External and Internal) -Minimus: Small -Maximus: Large -Longus: Long -Brevis: Short Relative to # of origins: Biceps: 2 Triceps: 3 Quadriceps: 4 -Sternohyoid: Sternum to Hyoid -Brachioradialis: From Brachium to radial bone -Deltoid: Triangle -Obicularis: Circle -Rhomboid: Rhombozoid -Trapezius: Trapezoid Muscle Movement: Sagigital Plane: -Flexsion/Extension: Moving hands up- flexing and down -Plantarflexion/ Dorsiflexion: Point foot up/down Frontal Plane: -Abduction/adduction: Away from midline of body -Inversion/Eversion: Sole of foot in/out Transverse Plane: -Rotation: Neck, Trunk -Pronation/Supination: Arm wrestling movement -Antagonist Muscle Groups: Opposes an action (Biceps and Triceps)
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Unformatted text preview: -Elevation/Depression: Shoulders up and down-Protraction/Retraction: Jaw, Shoulders forward and backwards-Tensor: Tightens things-Sphincter: Controls opening ABDOMINAL WALL MUSCLES:-External oblique: Hand in pocket (rt- his left)-Internal oblique: Hands in opposite pockets (lft- his rt)-Transverse Abdominus: Under, across-Rectus Abdominus: 6 pack- long front ROTATOR CUFF MUSCLES:-All rotator cuff muscles: origin: Scapula, Insertion: Humerus-Supraspinatus-Infraspinatus-Teres Minor-Subscapularis QUADRICEPS FEMORIS-All quad muscles: Insertion: Tibial Tuberosity via patellar ligament Action: Knee Extension-Vastus Lateralis-Vastus Medialis-Vastus Intermedius-Rectus Femoris HAMSTRINGS-All hamstring muscles: Origin: Ischium (the Ischial tuberosities you “sit on”) Action: Knee Flexion-Biceps Femoris- Lateral-Semimembranosus-Semitendinosous Antagonistic muscle group: Bicep and Tricep Brachii...
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Lab 4 - -Elevation/Depression Shoulders up and...

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